Bodhi Waves was inspired by our worldwide travels, love for the ocean and its healing properties and a holistic lifestyle. The collection embraces the inner love and beauty in each woman and shines it outward through vibrant colors, ethnic prints and most importantly comfort. Bodhi Waves pieces are created and collected with versatility in mind, allowing one to go from the beach, yoga class, or just lounging, to the city or a night out.

Bodhi Waves is dedicated to fair trade and labor while employing local small business owners and rural villagers in India for a large portion of the production.

About the designer:
Amar combines her eye for beauty and belief in strengthening the human spirit into Bodhi Waves, a lifestyle of nurturing both the body, mind and spirit.  
 The collection is created with an awareness of offering women the balance of adorning oneself beautifully while at the same time comfortably.  A piece of Amardeepa’s creating, traveling, loving and sunning along the world’s terrains is infused in each design.
 Amardeepa and her husband Amitabh work together to bring fresh designs and inspiring pieces to the Bodhi Waves collection.  They live in the jungle of Maui, Hawaii and travel yearly to India (which they consider as their second home) for spiritual practices and to bring the Bodhi line to life.
“Bodhi Waves"
"Bodhi" is Sanskrit in origin and can be translated as "enlightenment" or "awakened". "Waves" references the waves of our oceans and the individuality of each human being as a wave in the vast ocean which is life.